The weapon he used


The amount of money he robbed


Things he did with the robbed money

Buy hamburgers, 4. and a watch and see a movie

The day he was taken to the police

5.after the robbery





1.What is the relationship between the two speakers?

A. Mother and son. B. Aunt and nephew. C. Cousins.

2.Who is Peter?

A. He is the man’s friend.

B. He is the man’s cousin.

C. He is the man’s uncle.

3.What is the man doing when the woman telephones?

A. He is busy with his work.

B. He is having supper.

C. He is having a bath.



1.What was the woman’s trouble?

A. Her house was robbed.

B. Her windows were broken.

C. Her car was stolen.

2.How many times has this kind of thing happened?

A. Once. B. Twice. C. Three times.

3.Why doesn’t the policeman try to find the kid?

A. Because he doesn’t want to.

B. Because it is too difficult to find the kid.

C. Because the woman doesn’t want to find the kid.



1.When does the conversation take place?

A. At the beginning of the school year.

B. At the beginning of the summer vacation.

C. At the end of the summer vacation.

2.What will the woman do this weekend?

A. She will go to meet her friend.

B. She will go out with the man.

C. She will go to Beijing.

3.How do you think the man feels?

A. He is angry. B. He is unhappy. C. He is happy.



1.Where does the conversation probably take place?

A. At the railway station. B. At the airport. C. At the bus station.

2.Where are they going?

A. They are going to the company.

B. They are going to the college.

C. They are going to the factory.

3.How far is it from the airport to central London?

A. 28 kilometers. B. 28 miles. C. 18 miles.



1.What is the woman going to do this weekend?

A. To have her flat cleaned

B. To have her flat painted.

C. To have her flat repaired

2.When will the man go to help the woman?

A. At 8:00 this weekend.

B. At 8:30 this weekend.

C. At 8:00 next weekend.

3.Why didn’t the man help the woman last time?

A. He was very busy. B. He forgot the time. C. He overslept.
















I was walking to school this morning when I caught sight of a old woman with a walking stick lie on the ground. Quick I ran over to help her up and asked her that was wrong with her. She told me she slipped and fell because heart trouble. I was worried and decide to take her to a hospital nearby. And then I contacted my family. Soon her son and daughter came to the hospital. I told them some informations about the incident. They thanked and praised me for my kindness. Although I was late for school today, but I felt very proud of what I have done.



The 12th China Arts Festival will bring a series of art 1. (activity) to the Chinese economic and art center, Shanghai. From May 20 to June 2, more than 50 shows2. (select) nationwide will be performed in nineteen major theaters in Shanghai, and a fine selection of creative cultural products will3. (show) at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. The festival will include4. (vary) art forms, such as opera, dancing, painting and photography.

5.2019 edition is co-organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Shanghai municipal government(市政府). Since6. (it) beginning in 1987, the festival7. (change) host cities in each edition, travelling to areas including Beijing, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hubei over the past three decades.

Sales of tickets have opened online, with tickets priced from no cost8.380 yuan, according to the organizers. To allow a larger audience to access the programs, the festival will also be broadcast live online. "We will use new media to bring the shows to more ordinary people, 9.will let them know about the modern development of Chinese arts. " said Zhu Di, head of the ministry's arts department.

This year's festival is also aimed at10. (promote) tourism in Shanghai with arts. The local government has released a total of 40 culture-themed travel routes to guide visitors through Shanghai's well-known landmarks.


??? When I was young, my understanding of life was simple. This made it _______ for me to deal with the world around me. As I grew up, things seemed more _______, which made life more challenging. Now, middle-aged, I find my_______ of the world is returning to the simple.

When I try to teach my daughter important _______ about life, I will break complicated things _______ into small pieces. One of those basics is _______, for yourself, and for others. I teach my daughter to _______ . To fail feels bad, _______ , but not to have tried feels worse, because you can't respect yourself for it. And as the saying _______ , if you don't respect yourself, no one else will.

When I was seven or eight, I played at my cousin's house with his toys. His family was better off than mine, and he had many more toys. There was one __________ that I'd always wanted, and I __________ it into my pocket. But a moment later, I __________, even at that age, that I would never enjoy playing with the toy. I would always know I had __________ , and my opinion of myself would __________ . When his mother dropped me off later that day, I shamefacedly __________ out the toy and gave it back. She knew, I'm sure, what had happened, __________ she thanked me and never spoke of it again.

I hope to help my daughter avoid similar __________. She first has to gain self-respect __________ she can start respecting others. I believe in respect, because __________ it we're all enemies. I'm not __________ in this regard, far from it. But I try my best, and I respect others for trying their best in this changing world.

1.A. funnier B. easier C. safer D. deeper

2.A. important B. awkward C. fragile D. complex

3.A. view B. experience C. aim D. expectation

4.A. basics B. facts C. subjects D. choices

5.A. away B. off C. down D. out

6.A. passion B. love C. respect D. desire

7.A. forgive B. accept C. share D. try

8.A. certainly B. eventually C. personally D. willingly

9.A. runs B. goes C. writes D. follows

10.A. for fun B. in particular C. with care D. at random

11.A. fetched B. arranged C. slipped D. fitted

12.A. doubted B. promised C. questioned D. sensed

13.A. lied B. stolen C. changed D. cheated

14.A. suffer B. improve C. fade D. spread

15.A. gave B. left C. pulled D. handed

16.A. so B. or C. for D. but

17.A. accidents B. mistakes C. results D. habits

18.A. before B. until C. in case D. now that

19.A. upon B. beyond C. without D. despite

20.A. honest B. casual C. curious D. perfect


??? Much meaning can be conveyed clearly with our eyes, so it is often said that eyes can speak.

Do you have such kind of experience? 1. , but not too long. And if he is sensing that he is being stared at, he may feel uncomfortable.

2. . If you are looked at for more than necessary, you will look at yourself up and down to see if there is anything wrong with you. If nothing goes wrong, you will feel angry toward other's stare with you that way. Eyes do speak, right?

3.. But things are different when it comes to staring at the opposite sex. If a man glances at a woman for more than 10 seconds, his intentions are obvious, that is, he wishes to attract her attention to make her understand that he is admiring her. In fact, continuous eye contact occurs between lovers only, who will enjoy looking at each other tenderly for a long time to show affection that words cannot express.

However, the normal eye contact for two people engaged in conversation is that the speaker will only look at the listener from time to time, in order to make sure that the listener is attentive. 4., as if he tries to control you, you will feel uncomfortable. A poor liar usually exposes himself by looking too long at the victim, since he believes in the false idea that to look straight in the eye is a sign of honest communication. 5..

Evidently, eye contact should be done according to the relationship between two people and the specific situation.

A. Quite the contrary

B. The same is in daily life

C. In a bus you may look at a stranger

D. Looking too long at someone may seem to be rude

E. This shows the listener is interested in your speech

F. If a speaker Looks at you continuously when speaking

G. Sometimes it doesn't matter to look at someone too long


??? Nearly every week, we hear news about the latest successes and failures in driverless vehicles. But we hear little about how other industries are developing this same kind of technology. One industry heavily involved in researching and developing artificial intelligence, or AI, is agriculture. Companies are experimenting with high-tech tools that can help farmers save time and money, while reducing environment-harming chemicals.

One of the companies is ecoRobotix of SwitzerLand, It created a robot equipped with AI and cameras to identify all plants on a farm The robot has four wheels to carry it through the fields in search of weeds. Computercontrolled arms then lower and spray the weeds with small amounts of herbicide(除草剂). Company officials say the robot can fully operate on its own for up to 12 hours a day while being powered by the sun It uses the same kind of sensor and positioning technology used to guide driverless vehicles. A farmer can also control the equipment through a smart-phone.

The co-founder of ecoRobotix, Aurelien Demaurex, says the farm robot can kill weeds with 20 times 1ess herbicide than traditional methods. This is because the system uses exactly the right amount of chemical in the exact place required to kill the weeds. Currently, farmers spread weed killers over massive areas to destroy unwanted plants.

Another company developing farm robotics is California-based Blue River Technology. The company has a system called "See & Spray", which it claims was the world's first smart sprayer. The system-which connects to the back of a tractor-is also equipped with AI to identify and chemically kill only the weeds. It can also spray chemicals on wanted plants to help them grow. Ben Chostner, vice-president of business development for Blue River Technology, explains in a company video that See & Spray technology uses the same deep Learning methods used in facial recognition. "The first time the machine saw a pigweed, it didn't know what kind of plant it was. But we taught it-by giving it tens of thousands of examples of that pigweed-and now it's an expert in pigweed. "

1.How will AI benefit agriculture?

A. It will fund agriculture research.

B. It contributes to low-cost farming.

C. It can avoid harmful chemicals.

D. It frees all farmers from field work.

2.What do the products of the two companies have in common?

A. They use recognition technology.

B. They are powered by solar energy.

C. They are connected with smart phones.

D. They can help wanted plants grow rapidly.

3.What do Ben Chostner's words suggest about the robot?

A. It is environmentally-friendly.

B. It is good at self-improving.

C. It has the learning ability.

D. It can track various plants.

4.What is mainly talked about in the text

A. The experiment in farming robots.

B. New trend in artificial intelligence.

C. Modern See & Spray technology.

D. Artificial intelligence in agriculture.


??? There are only a few truly pleasant smells to wake up to in the morning. For me,? it's the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Just a sniff of it makes me jump out of bed and rush to the kitchen for a gulp of the hot black liquid.

If you're a big fan of coffee, you'll understand that opening a new packet of coffee releases an amazing smell-fresh, roasted coffee beans. And you'll be able to identify the beans' origin-Colombia, Vietnam or Brazil. Tim Hayward is a food writer and coffee shop owner; he believes the smell "is absolutely vital. When you walk into the coffee shop in the morning and that smell hits you, you're getting physiological(生理上的) responses. "

I know from experience when I walk into a cafe, my mouth begins to water and it's the smell that makes me feel good. However, this feeling sometimes turns to disappointment. This is particularly the case when I order a coffee to go in a tall paper cup and sip the liquid through a hole in the lid. Yes, it's convenient, but is it really the right way to appreciate it?

You walk into the coffee shop, you get the smell, but when you actually take the drink out, you are drinking it from something that is designed to deliver the hot liquid directly past your tongue, but prevent any smell coming up to your nose. As well as eliminating the smell, takeaway coffee cups create a lot of waste and a vast majority of them still don't get recycled. So maybe now is the time to really wake up and smell the coffee by drinking from a cup in a cafe, chatting with friends and saving the planet!

1.In which aspect does the author agree with Tim Hayward?

A. People drink coffee first thing in the morning.

B. Coffee beans' origin makes all the differences.

C. Some people are addicted to drinking coffee

D. It's the smell of coffee that really matters.

2.What does the author complain about?

A. The process of making coffee.

B. The high temperature of coffee

C. The design of the paper coffee cup.

D. The inconvenience of buying coffee.

3.What can replace the word "eliminating" underlined in Paragraph 4?

A. Creating. B. Removing. C. Increasing. D. Changing.

4.What can be the best title of the text?

A. Wake up and smell the coffee

B. Try to be a real lover of coffee

C. Drink coffee to save the planet

D. Choose takeaway coffee for convenience


??? Barcelona's famous Segrada Familia is finally set to get a building licence, 137 years after work on the still uncompleted church began.

Construction on the UNESCO World Heritage basilica(长方形基督教堂), which is Barcelona's most visited tourist attraction, began in 1882 based on a design by architect Francisco Lozano. However, when he stepped down, architect Antoni Gaudi took over the design in 1883. The building won't be finished until 2026-one hundred years after the architect was killed by a streetcar in the city. His body was buried in a room under the floor of the Sagrada Familia.

To get its paperwork rubber stamped, the church authorities have agreed to finally pay the government a36 million fee for a building permit. Gaudi was told to get the paperwork processed, but the architect failed to do so-proceeding with construction regardless. The money from the church's permit will be used to upgrade transport links and beautify the area. Gaudi and his works have become symbols of Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia, northeast Spain

Gaudi played an active role in directing the construction of the Sagrada Familia until his death in 1926. He would often request that work be modified and adjusted until it was exactly what he had in mind. However, interpretation of the designs by present day architects is particularly challenging because of the nature of the existing designs.

The unfinished building is called a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and it is perhaps the most unique and mysterious building in the style ever constructed. The popularity of the site with tourists has helped fund the push to complete the church and pay for the paperwork.

1.What do we know about the Segrada Familia?

A. It has been completely constructed.

B. It was first designed by Antoni Gaudi.

C. It will get a building permit in 2026.

D. It began to be built 137 years ago.

2.What can we infer about Antoni Gaudi?

A. He wished to be buried in the church

B. He is remembered as a great architect.

C. He didn't know a permit was necessary.

D. He is to blame for the unfinished church.

3.What makes the Segrada Familia so popular?

A. Its unusual design style

B. Its two famous architects.

C. Its special building materials.

D. Its illegal construction paperwork

4.The church managed to pay for the licence ??????? .

A. in the support of the government

B. by reducing construction costs

C. with the aid of tourist income

D. through donations from architects


??? An Arizona mom says none of her son's kindergarten friends showed up to his birthday party after she sent 32 invitations to his classmates.

The boy, Teddy, held a birthday party on Sunday at Peter Piper Pizza in Tucson, where he and his mother, Sil Mazzini, had been expecting dozens of little girls and boys-as well as the children's parents-to join them at the restaurant. Mazzini said a few people told her in advance that they couldn't make it, but she wasn't prepared for everyone to be no-shows.

Mazzini shared a photo of her son sitting alone in front of several pizzas on her Facebook page. That brought dozens and dozens of birthday wishes from around the country, as well as other gifts and offers.

"I live near Tampa, Florida, and heard about you via my local news," one woman wrote on Facebook. "I hope you have a wonderful year and I'm sending you a big hug." The biggest unexpected birthday present for Teddy came from the Phoenix Suns, who invited him to watch Wednesday night's game at the Talking Stick Resort Arena against the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James. The city's professional soccer club, the Phoenix Rising, also invited Teddy to "join 7,000 of his closest friends" at a playoff game on Friday.

But some on social media questioned Mazzini's decision to broadcast her son's humiliating day. "Quick! Someone call the news. Don't embarrass this kid even more than he already is," one woman wrote on Facebook. "Good lord. This is so wrong. "

1.How may Teddy feel about his birthday party?

A. Relaxed B. Disturbed C. Disappointed. D. Bored.

2.What did the Phoenix Suns invite Teddy to do?

A. Play a playoff? game on Friday.

B. Watch Wednesday night's game.

C. Join the professional soccer club.

D. Spend a weekend with them

3.What can we infer about Sil Mazzini from the last paragraph?

A. She is not supported by all the people.

B. She cares little about her son's feelings.

C. She regrets having posted her son's images.

D. She has removed the comments on Faceloook.



1.What does the father think of the speaker?

A. Unlucky. B. Lazy. C. Slow.

2.When did the speaker fail his math test because of a game?

A. In the 8th grade?????????????????????? B. In the 9th grade.????????????? C. In the 10th grade.

3.Who made the speaker more determined to change?

A. His brother. B. His parents. C. His tutor.

4.What happened to the speaker at the end of high school?

A. He became a private tutor.

B. He got a job in programming.

C. He was admitted to MIT.



1.What are the speakers mainly talking about?

A. An organization. B. A kind of disease. C. A time-traveling doctor.

2.What is the function of WHO?

A. Curing the sick people. B. Making the hospitals work. C. Setting rules to handle illness.

3.What is special about the mentioned disease?

A. It makes people feel sad all day long.

B. It affects old people and kids easily.

C. It just gives body aches and a fever.

4.How does the man feel about the disease?

A. Puzzled. B. Amazed C. Scared



1.How does the woman like the camp?

A. Interesting. B. Unsatisfactory. C. Exciting.

2.Why does the man bring the woman to the woods?

A. To enjoy nature. B. To observe wildlife. C. To make new friends.

3.What are the speakers going to do tonight?

A. Enjoy some stars. B. Buy hot chocolate C. Go to the beach



1.What is the woman trying to become?

A. A teacher. B. An actress. C. A film maker.

2.Why does the woman refuse to get educated?

A. She is already famous. B. She is experienced. C. She is overconfident.



1.Who is probably the woman?

A. A patient. B. A nurse. C. A doctor.

2.What does the woman think of a physical care provider?

A. Helpful B. Useless. C. Expensive.


What can we learn about Ralph?

A. He is three years old. B. He is a quick learner. C. He starts losing hair.


What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

A. Cousins. B. Mother and son. C. Brother and sister.


Where are probably the speakers?

A. In a candy store. B. In a restaurant. C. In a supermarket.


What will the man do today?

A. Work in the office B. Buy a jacket. C. Go to the sale.


What are the speakers doing?

A. Buying a new car. B. Driving in the city. C. Choosing flowers.


假设你是李华,2022年北京冬奥会正面向全国学生招募志愿者,你希望成为其中一员。 请根据提示用英文给组委会写一封信:

1. 自我介绍:年龄,性别,学历等;

2. 个人条件:英语好,善于交际等;

3. 希望获得批准。


1. 词数 100~120 左右;

2. 书信格式及开头均已给出(不计入总词数);

3. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

Dear Sir/Madam,











Yours sincerely,

Li Hua


假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。

增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号( ),并在其下面写出该加的词。

删除:把多余的词用斜线()划掉。 修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。

注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改 10 处,多者 (从第 11 处起) 不计分。

Years ago, all my parents were involved in a serious car accidents. Uncle Bob took on the role as a father to him. I lived with him during that period. He allowed me stay with him though his home was not really bigger. He showed his care and love for me by pay attention to my health, education and what I needed at that time. I really appreciated the time he spent with me. We used to go on the trips together. We would just spend days either playing our guitars and reading our favorite car magazines. I always felt gratefully towards him. He was like a father figure who will always give me encouragement.


阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容 (1 个单词) 或括号内单词的正确形式。

A study by researchers showed that texting on mobile phones could help smokers quit smoking.

The study 1.(publish) on Tuesday in a journal showed among smokers 2. received a 12-week-long mobile phone-based message on quitting smoking, 6.5% stopped smoking by the end of the study.

The researchers from the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University in China said the intervention (干预) could have a 3.(great) reach than in-person treatments. It has great potential to improve population health and should 4.(consider) for large-scale use in China, according to the study.

They 5.(conduct) a trial across China from August 2016 to May 2017, covering 6. total of 1,369 adult smokers. Participants were assigned to a 12-week intervention consisting 7. either high-frequency or low-frequency messaging, or to a control group that received text 8.(message) unrelated to quitting. Twelve weeks later, 6.5% of them stopped continuous smoking 9.(active) in the high-frequency group 10. 6% got rid of smoking in the low-frequency group. 1.9 % of them stopped smoking in the control group.


??? A butcher was really surprised when he saw a dog coming inside the shop. He went over to the dog and noticed it had a _______ in its mouth. He took the note, which _______ “Can I have twelve sausages and a leg of lamb, please. The dog has ______ in his mouth.” _______, there was really a ten-dollar note there. So he took the money and put the sausages and lamb in a bag, placing it in the dog’s mouth. The butcher was so ______. He decided to follow the dog.

He followed the dog to a bus stop. The dog stopped and started looking at the ______. The dog checked out the time, and then sat on one of the benches _______ . Along came a bus. The dog went around to the front, looked at the number and ________. The butcher, by now, ________, followed it onto the bus.

The bus traveled through the town and out into the suburb. _______ it got off with the_______ still in its mouth. Several minutes later, the dog turned into a house. It walked up the path, and dropped the bag on the _______. Then it walked back down the path, quickly _______ for the door, and ______ itself against the door. But there’s no answer at the house, so the dog had to wait at the door.

After a while, there finally was a _______ to the situation. A big guy opened the door, and started kicking the dog and ______ him. The butcher ran up, and said “Why do you shout at the dog? It is really a _______.” The guy responded, “You call this clever? This is the second time this week that this _______ dog’s forgotten its _______.” On the way back home, the butcher thought to himself, “Greed may ________ have limits for the dog owner.”

1.A. tip B. note C. parcel D. list

2.A. knew B. wrote C. read D. felt

3.A. money B. coins C. bones D. gold

4.A. Unexpectedly B. Undoubtedly C. Disappointingly D. Surprisingly

5.A. curious B. dangerous C. ashamed D. frightened

6.A. number B. timetable C. post D. bus

7.A. patiently B. anxiously C. restlessly D. painfully

8.A. flew off B. got off C. came on D. climbed on

9.A. open-minded B. open-ended C. open-mouthed D. open-hearted

10.A. Finally B. Firstly C. Secondly D. Thirdly

11.A. sausage B. bone C. ticket D. bag

12.A. balcony B. step C. ceiling D. wall

13.A. paid B. applied C. dashed D. asked

14.A. enjoyed B. amused C. taught D. threw

15.A. starting point B. turning point C. bottom line D. front line

16.A. comforting B. praising C. scolding D. admiring

17.A. servant B. genius C. master D. butcher

18.A. stupid B. clever C. unforgettable D. thoughtful

19.A. mission B. aim C. key D. route

20.A. still B. even C. ever D. never


This Is Why Traffic Lights Are Red, Yellow, and Green

Ever wondered why blue doesn’t mean go and brown mean stop?1..

The idea that red means stop and green means go has impacted our lives in more ways than just traffic signals. We have been taught from a young age that the color red means danger.2.. But why were those particular colors chosen for traffic lights in the first place? For something we have to look at every day, why couldn’t they have been prettier colors like magenta(紫红) and turquoise (天蓝色)?

It’s important to know that before there were traffic lights for cars, there were traffic signals for trains. At first, railroad companies used red to mean stop, white to mean go, and green to mean caution. As you could imagine, train conductors ran into a few problems with the color white meaning go— 3., with train conductors thinking they were all clear when they really weren’t. Railway companies eventually moved to the color green meaning go, and it’s been that way ever since.

As far as red goes, that’s always been a color that indicated danger, long before cars were even around. Red is the color with the longest wavelength. 4.. The color yellow was used to caution drivers because it has a slightly shorter wavelength than red, but not as short as green.

5.. Employ these driving rules first and know that traffic lights have certainly come a long way.

A. And the color green means it’s OK to move forward

B. Turns out, there’s a perfectly good explanation for it

C. It can be seen from a greater distance than other colors

D. bright white could easily be seen from a distance by us

E. bright white could easily be mistaken for stars at night

F. Why don’t we use blue to mean go and brown mean stop

G. So don’t get mad next time you’re impatiently waiting at a traffic light


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