1.Who could the woman most probably be?

A. A hotel clerk. B. A travel agent. C. A tour guide.

2.Why is the man going to Bangkok?

A. To go on business.

B. To meet his boss.

C. To visit the Temple of the Dawn.


Where does the conversation take place?

A. In a bookstore. B. In a library. C. In a classroom.


How will the woman go to the show?

A. By bus. B. By car. C. On foot.


What does the man have to do today?

A. Attend a class. B. Work on a report. C. Visit his mother.


What does the man think of the new play?

A. Strange. B. Boring. C. Interesting.


What food will the boy have at his party?

A. Pizza. B. Salad. C. Fried chicken.




1. 此行的目的:增进彼此了解;

2. 活动的内容:参观大学,感受文化风俗等;

3. 你的期望。


1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3. 开头语和结束语已为你写好,不计入总词数。







注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

These days, breaking traffic rules and littering were not uncommon, causing serious harms to life and the environment. That requires lots of effort to change this situation on the part of everyone. As for me, I should start from little things and it won’t be long since I acquire good habits. If I ride a bike, I’ll always keep to the right but never cross a road until the traffic light turns green. If I walk, I’ll never forget use the pedestrian crossing. Meanwhile, I will regard it as my duty to help keep our environment clean and health. Not only will I keep myself on littering and spitting, I will also help clean up the roadside litter whenever be possible. I hope my behavior will make the difference.



“Avengers: Endgame” 1. (start) national release(放映) from April 24, two days 2. (early) than its screening in North America.

The film is available in IMAX 3D version at China’s 600 or so IMAX theaters to highlight its amazing scenes 3. (feature) the Marvel Comics characters. 4. (shoot) with an Alexa IMAX camera, it presents better brightness, color and contrast. The film gathers 5. full cast of Marvel heroes over the past 10 years at the end of their journey. Many movie fans emotionally say the film is a farewell to their youth. The superheroes with their varied personalities and abilities have left them lots of wonderful 6. (memory).

The 21 previous films have earned about $19 billion 7. (global). Though “Endgame” marks the end of the current story, Marvel Studios is far 8. through. So far it 9. (announce) several new projects: in addition to follow-ups for “Spider-Man”, “Black Panther” and “Doctor Strange”, there will also be “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”, “The Eternals” and “Black Widow”. “The fun thing about an ending is 10. you eventually get to do a new beginning”, said Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.


??? Terry Fox never thought he’d live a great life. He liked sports, but no one thought he was talented. However, Terry was ______ for one reason he had determination.

Terry was too short for basketball, but he worked harder at it. He also practiced cross-country running ______ he didn’t like it. Finally he made the ______ team and even won the Athlete of the Year Award later.

During his first year at university, he had a pain ______ his right knee, which was so bad that he ______ stand up. He went to the doctor for ______. They showed that he had cancer. He was going to lose one of his ______ and be given an artificial one.

Terry’s family and friends all gave him support. “Knowing that all those people cared really helped me,” Terry said. He decided to face it with courage and ______.

One night Terry was ______ through an article. It was about Dick Traum, who also had an artificial leg and had ______ the New York Marathon. “If he can do it,” thought Terry, “I can, too. I’ll run across Canada and ______ money for cancer research. It will be a Marathon of ______!”

Terry did just that. He began to run a little every day. It is 5,300 miles across Canada. Terry hoped to run thirty to forty miles a day so that it would ______ him six months. Most of all, he hoped to raise $1 million for cancer research. Because Terry had an artificial leg, running wasn’t ______. People supported Terry. As he ran, they ______ and cheered. However, he had to give up the Marathon after 3,339 miles, with a ______ pain in his chest. He told the people before he left, “I won’t ______. I just hope people will ______ to give money.” And they did. Just under $25 million was given.

Terry ______ a lot of awards all his life. He passed away on June 28, 1981, almost a year after his Marathon of Hope. He was considered a ______ in all areas of his life.

1.A. special B. energetic C. powerful D. independent

2.A. because B. so C. though D. if

3.A. football B. basketball C. tennis D. volleyball

4.A. on B. at C. in D. to

5.A. wouldn’t B. couldn’t C. mustn’t D. needn’t

6.A. tests B. goals C. answers D. methods

7.A. feet B. knees C. legs D. bones

8.A. happiness B. patience C. curiosity D. determination

9.A. seeing B. getting C. making D. looking

10.A. run B. participated C. joined D. fled

11.A. give B. borrow C. raise D. provide

12.A. Hope B. Strength C. Love D. Courage

13.A. spend B. cost C. need D. take

14.A. difficult B. painful C. easy D. extra

15.A. performed B. waved C. admired D. screamed

16.A. sharp B. light C. mild D. hard

17.A. break down B. blow out C. go away D. give up

18.A. plan B. compete C. continue D. succeed

19.A. received B. admitted C. benefited D. gave

20.A. worker B. winner C. loser D. leader


??? The past is good for two things: the happy memories, and the lessons it provides. Take some time to think and create two lists: One, your Top Five Most Important Lessons Learned in the Year. And two, your Top Five Favorite Memories of the Year. 1.

Take some time to think

2. But you just invested 8760 or so hours of your life in the previous year. To pull what is worth pulling from it, to give it proper perspective and proper closure, it surely deserves some of your focused conscious energy.


Maybe you lost half your investments this year. Or your job. Or your house. Or you faced health challenges. You may dwell on the negative, self-defeating questions like “How could I be so stupid?” or “How could God let this happen to me?” But a child doesn’t touch fire, get burned, and then spend the rest of his days – or even hours – thinking bitterly how this could have happened to him. He learns not to touch the fire and twenty minutes later he is happily playing again. 4.

Don’t bang on the beehive(蜂窝)

When discussing the past year I have already heard so many people stating how bad it was. I hear them recalling all the bad memories. It is like banging on a beehive. Because here is a universal law: whatever you seek, you will find plenty of. 5. Likewise, if you are focused on good memories, the beauty in the world, and things to feel grateful for, they will nourish your mind, your heart, and allow your life to blossom.

A. Learn from the past experiences

B. First and foremost, bear in mind that the key aspect of this experience is to “take some time to think”.

C. No matter how much you have invested, sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is let go.

D. In today’s go-go faster-faster world, you may be attracted to rush through this experience, to treat it like another task to get off your to-do list.

E. Remember the wisdom of a child

F. If you are focused on bad memories, problems, and things to complain about, they will drown your mind and your heart, and sting your life.

G. Now before you race off to do this, read the rest that provides important perspective on doing this.


??? When one tried to unify gravity with quantum mechanics(量子力学), one had to introduce the idea of ‘imaginary’ time. If one can go forward in imaginary time, one ought to be able to turn round and go backward. This means that there can be no important difference between the forward and backward directions of imaginary time. Yet there is a big difference between the forward and backward directions of ‘real time’ in ordinary life. Imagine a cup of water falling off a table and breaking into pieces on the floor. If you take a film of this, you can easily tell whether it is being run forward or backward. You can tell that the film is being run backward because this kind of behavior is never observed in ordinary life.

The explanation that is usually given as to why we don’t see broken cups gathering themselves together off the floor and jumping back onto the table is that it is forbidden by the second law of thermodynamics(热力学). This says that in any closed system disorder, or entropy(), always increases with time. In other words, it is a form of Murphy’s law: things always tend to go wrong! An intact cup on the table is a state of high order, but a broken cup on the floor is a disordered state. One can go readily from the cup on the table in the past to the broken cup on the floor in the future, but not the other way round.

The increase of disorder or entropy with time is one example of what is called an arrow of time, something that tells the past from the future, giving a direction to time. There are at least three different arrows of time. First, there is the thermodynamic arrow of time, the direction of time in which disorder or entropy increases. Then, there is the psychological arrow of time. This is the direction in which we feel time passes, the direction in which we remember the past but not the future. Finally, there is the cosmological arrow of time. This is the direction of time in which the universe is expanding rather than contracting.

1.How does ‘imaginary time’ differ from ‘real time’ according to the passage?

A. Imaginary time is more important than real time in science.

B. Directions mean less to imaginary time than to real time.

C. One can go backward in real time but can’t in imaginary time.

D. It is harder to tell directions of real time than of imaginary time

2.What’s the purpose of writing about a cup of water falling off a table?

A. To define the forward and backward directions of real time.

B. To tell the backward direction from the forward direction of real time.

C. To show real time is more scientific than imaginary time in ordinary life.

D. To prove there’s a big difference between the directions of real time.

3.Why don’t we see broken cups gathering themselves together off the floor and jumping back

onto the table?

A. It doesn’t agree with the second law of thermodynamics.

B. Things will quickly go wrong for entropy increases with time.

C. There is an interchange between a state of high order and a disordered state

D. All above.

4.The underlined word in the last paragraph is closest in meaning to ______.

A. universal B. physical

C. technological D. geographical


??? In recent years more and more Chinese schoolchildren are required to wear uniforms at school. Do American children wear school uniforms? In fact, American schoolchildren often wear uniforms if they attend religious or other private schools. Most public schools do not require uniforms. But over the last ten years or so, more of them have moved in that direction, including high schools. Another option is that students may just have to dress alike — for example, white shirts and dark colored pants or skirts. Even schools that do not require uniforms generally have a dress rule about what they consider acceptable. Schools commonly forbid clothing that shows images or words causing displeasure, or simply too much skin. Hats may be forbidden because, for example, different colors may be connected with bad guys.

Some parents like the idea of uniforms. Some say it means they do not have to spend much on clothing for their kids. Others, though, argue that uniforms represent an unnecessary cost.

There are also debates about whether uniforms or other dress rules go against civil rights. Students and parents have taken legal action against school dress requirements. Several years ago, a middle school was asked to stop its dress rule unless families had a way out of it. The American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California brought the case for the families of several students who had been punished by the school. Most attention centered on a girl who wore socks with the Tigger character from Winnie the Pooh. The school said its clothing policy, including no pictures of any kind, was needed to control a growing problem with gangs. The families argued that the policy went against free speech rights as protected by the United States and California constitutions.

The United States Supreme Court says student expression is protected as long as it does not harm the work and the rule of a school. But some educators believe dressing alike helps improve student learning. They believe that uniforms help create a sense of unity and reduce the risk of fights. They also say uniforms make it easier for security reasons to tell if someone belongs to the school or not.

1.According to the passage there is a trend in the USA that ______.

A. most public schools do not require uniforms

B. most public schools move in the direction of requiring uniforms at church

C. most schools require the students to be dressed in white shirts and dark colored pants

D. more and more schools have a dress rule about what are suitable for schoolchildren

2.Which of the following is NOT a reaction mentioned to the dress rule?

A. Some parents like the rule which means they could spend less on clothing for the kids.

B. Some parents think the rule has nothing to do with them.

C. Some parents say that uniforms are an extra cost for them.

D. Some others argue that uniforms or other dress rules go against civil rights.

3.What is the girl’s problem?

A. She brought her pet called Tigger to school.

B. She put Tigger into her socks in class.

C. She wore socks with pictures.

D. She had a problem with some gangs.

4.School dress requirements can benefit schools and students except to help ______.

A. the court protect student expression

B. students focus on their studies

C. make a united effort to avoid fights

D. strengthen campus security


??? When Sir Ector saw Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone and then pushed it back, he rubbed his eyes. “I can’t believe it!” he cried. Then he fell on his knees before Arthur. “Father, please do not kneel before me. Tell me what you mean!” Arthur said with great confusion.

“Listen, then,” said Sir Ector. “Years ago the wise magician, Merlin, carried a baby in his arms. That baby was you. Merlin told me to bring you up as my own son. Now I can guess. You must be the late king ? King Uther’s son. Who else could have pulled out the sword? Arthur, we must let all England know you are qualified to be the new king.”

“I would rather be your son than be a king!” cried Arthur.

“On Christmas the Bishop(主教) will give everyone a chance to pull the sword. You must take your turn and show everyone that you are the only person who can pull the sword out.”

On Christmas Day the great crowd of knights(骑士) and lords gathered before the church. They pulled and pushed, but no one could make the sword move.

Down the street came Merlin. Behind him came Sir Ector with Arthur. “Who are these men?” asked the Bishop. “Here is one who will try the sword,” said Merlin. He laid his hand on Arthur’s shoulder. “Here, lords of England, is the true son of King Uther!” Arthur stepped upon the stone and laid his hand on the sword. Smoothly and easily he pulled it out. He held it high so all could see.

So Arthur became King of all England. Some of the lords did not want him, and he had to fight them. As the years went by, he became stronger and greater. Knights came from all lands to be in his court. At Camelot Arthur started the famous Knights of the Round Table. These were the greatest of all the knights. They made their names famous for all time.

1.Sir Ector fell on his knees before Arthur because ______.

A. Sir Ector wanted to ask for forgiveness from the new king

B. Merlin told Sir Ector to respect Arthur as if he were the King

C. Arthur pulled the sword out and Sir Ector knew who he was

D. Arthur was so powerful that Sir Ector admired him very much

2.Arthur found it ______ when Sir Ector said he was qualified to be the new king.

A. believable B. unacceptable

C. enjoyable D. unchangeable

3.What did Arthur do as King of all England according to the passage?

A. Fighting the foreign countries. B. Making the famous table.

C. Developing the national economy. D. Gathering the greatest knights.

4.What is the best title for the passage?

A. Arthur Becomes King B. Arthur Trains Knights

C. Arthur Defeats Enemies D. Arthur Loves Swords


??? Through your childhood and, let’s be honest, most of your adult life, you may have wondered ? how do you get to Sesame Street? After 50 years, the answer has finally been revealed.

New York City’s Official Sesame Street

In the past, there was guessing about the true location of the street, like Harlem or Alphabet City since both neighborhoods resembled Sesame Street in appearance and population makeup. Recently, in honor of the children’s television show’s 50th anniversary, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared that West 63rd Street between Central Park West and Broadway will now officially be known as Sesame Street, close to the Sesame Workshop office.

A Year-long Celebration for the 50th Anniversary

Since 1969, the children’s television show Sesame Street has been a pioneering force in media and education, dealing with issues like racism, loss, poverty and living with a disability. With a mission to help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder, Sesame Street has brought the life-changing benefits of early learning to children across the globe for 50 years. Today, we reach kids in 150 countries and 70 languages and we’re celebrating our landmark anniversary with fans and families all year long!

Events and Activities Throughout 2019

Fans and families around the world can join their favorite furry friends in celebrating Sesame Street’s past, present, and future, with:

A 50th television season which focuses on the power of possibilities, empowering kids to take safe risks and learn from their mistakes.

A nationwide road trip where Sesame Street characters and friends host community events in ten cities around the country.

A research report that will explore an important issue facing kids and families today.

Celebrity and fan-fueled social media campaigns showcasing favorite Sesame Street memories.

New corporations across fashion, lifestyle, and themed entertainment for fans of all ages.

A November star-studded prime-time special, whose contents include new takes on classic scenes and visits from Sesame Street icons.

1.Where is the official Sesame Street?

A. In Harlem or Alphabet City. B. Around the corner of the West 63rd Street.

C. At the Sesame Workshop office. D. Between Central Park West and Broadway.

2.What benefits are children able to get from the television show?

A. They can learn to solve all life problems in the childhood.

B. They will definitely become smarter, stronger and kinder.

C. They may get positive help meaning much to their later life.

D. They are likely to make friends with kids from 150 countries.

3.Which of the following is not an event or activity to celebrate the 50th anniversary?

A. A new season of the television show??? . B. A 10-city journey for lucky fans.

C. A special TV program in November. D. A report good for kids and families.




1. 常吃快餐的危害

2. 提出建议



1. 词数不少于100

2. 可以适当增加细节,使内容充实、行文连贯;

3. 开头和结尾已给出,但不计入总词数。

Dear Tom


Best Wishes



I have some gray hairs. Do l dare to count themJust the fact that I have enough to count scares meand turns getting old into a reality. I'm certainly getting older. We all are. But why does it have to happen so quickly

We just celebrated my birthday. I say "celebrated" because we had cake and ice cream. For my kidsany excuse for ice cream and cake is a celebration. I'm not sure if to me it was a thing to celebratethough. I like the special attention that birthday bringbut I don't wait for them 364 days of the year like my children do. For themanother number means more privileges and more things that they get to do. For an adultanother number means fewer things. that you can dolike “I can't run as fast as I used to…etc. ”

I went with my children to the old-age home near my apartment building. We walked inside the door. The contrast between my preschoolers full of energy and the old women siting in the wheelchair by the door made me lost in thought. Not so long agoI was a bouncing preschool like my children. Not so long agothere women were the mothers of small children. Fifty years agothey were meand in fifty yearsI could be themThe visitlike my birthdayserved as a reality check. “Life is so short and it goes by so quickly. Enjoy the moment that you are inbecause you will never get it back"I told myself.

This is also what I want to leave behind to my children. I decide to try to start just by not complaining. In any difficult situationI will try to find the good things about itno matter how small the good things might be.

1.What does the author like about birthdays?(no more than 10 words


2.Besides having an excuse for ice cream and cakewhy do the author's children like birthday?(no more than 12 words.


3.What does the underlined word “bouncing” in Paragraph 3 mean?(I word


4.What is the main idea of the last paragraph?(no more than 10 words


5.What does birthday mean to youPlease explain why. no more than 2 words.



??? In 2011Amy Chua put out the bookBattle Hymn of the Tiger Motherwhich is her memoir(回忆录)about the challenges of being a parent and trying to keep to the strict upbringing(养)she knew as a child. Controversy over the book arose because many readers did not get the impression that Chua was trying to be humorous about her parenting methods. There was also miscommunication about the purpose of the book. Many received it as a guide for other parents on how to use strict methods to punish and motivate their children. HoweverChua has always claimed the aim of her book was only to share her successes and failures as a parent in a culturally diverse world.

In the bookChua compares Western and Chinese beliefs and methods of parenting. In generalChinese parents believe a child's academic success is directly linked to parenting skills. It is common for such parents to take severe measures to make their children do exactly what they say. In contrastWestern parents worry more about their children's self-esteem(自尊),which drives their parenting methods. As a resultparenting methods have become less strict and children are not held to the high standards they were in the past.

Interestinglyin the Westmany people agree that Western parenting methods could use improvement. Some even say that the laid-back Western methods can be just as damaging as the overly strict ones Chua connects with Chinese culture because more and more children are not learning how to face and overcome challenges. Howeverexperts also say that being too strict with children can cause rebellion(反叛),low self-esteem and poor parent-child relationships.

What everyone can agree on is that there is no perfect way to parent. What's more a method that works with one child will not necessarily work with another. Parents are challenged with finding the best method that helps each child learn to be a responsible and confident person.

1.What do we know about Amy Chua's book?

A. It amused readers greatly.

B. It caused a serious debate.

C. It's about a tiger and its mother.

D. It's popular with both parents and kids.

2.Why did Amy Chua write the book?

A. To share her experience as a mom.

B. To tell interesting stories to children.

C. To introduce her research on parenting.

D. To help other parents educate their children.

3.What's the maid idea of Paragraph 2?

A. What is most important for children.

B. How to help children to succeed in school.

C. The importance of mastering parenting skills.

D. Differences between upbringing in China and the West.

4.What result might the Western parenting method bring about?

A. Children's academic success.

B. More positive attitudes toward life.

C. Bad relationships between parents and children.

D. Children's lack of experience in dealing with difficulties.

5.Which of the following may the author agree on?

A. One parenting method doesn't work with all children.

B. A perfect way to parent is easy to find as long as parents work hard.

C. Western parenting methods are better than those in China.

D. Chinese parents are more worried about their children's self-esteem.


??? While learning the science lessons I used to get a doubt-why earsnosetongue and eyes should be called as special sensesThe basic reason is that these are the channels through which we maintain contact with the surroundings. Though apparently it may feel like these are individual sensory organsthey do show some connectivity. Interestinglyour hearing is less sharp after we eat a heavy food. Isn't it good for a sound nap after a stomach-full mealThat does not mean we go deaf after a mealbut the hearing pitch(强度)does change after a heavy meal.

We usually give credit of the taste to our tonguebut do you know that unless saliva(唾液)dissolves somethingour tongue cannot recognize the taste of the food eaten. Taste is nothing but the food chemicals dissolved in the saliva being sensed by the taste buds present on the tongue. Try to dry off your tongue and mouth with a tissue paper and then taste something.

Women are much better smellers than men. They are born with this characteristic ability and can correctly pinpoint the exact fragrance of the sample. We all can store almost 50000 different scents(气味),which are strongly tied to the memories.

Pupils(瞳孔)do not respond to light alonebut to the slightest bit of noise around too. Thus surgeonswatchmakers and those professionals who have to perform a much delicate job do prefer to have a sound-free environment. Even a small noise can dilate(扩大)their pupils change the focus and blur(使模糊)their vision. If you do not wear glasses or contact lens due to having a 6/6 visionyou are just among the one third of the human population. It is now statistically proved that only one third of the population has perfect visionrest all are either wearing glasses or are trying to read with a compromised vision.

Each and every one of us has a particular or individualistic or characteristic smellwhich is unique to usexcept for the identical twins. This smell is very subtle(微妙的)yet can be sensed even by a newborn. It may be due to this scent that the newborn recognizes the presence of his parents around. Many of us can pinpoint the smell of our significant friends and colleagues. A significant part of this phenomenon is guided by genetics but it is also modified by the environmentdiet and personal hygiene. This all together creates the unique chemistry that is individualistic for each person.

1.We can learn from Paragraph I that ______________.

A. our hearing is as good as before we have a full meal

B. all sensory organs are connected and can be exchanged

C. sensory organs' functions can never be changed for their particular character

D. we feel and learn about the world around us through our sensory organs

2.What may happen after you have had a rich lunch?

A. Your eyes become dim.

B. You may feel energetic and fresh.

C. Your hearing pitch may decrease.

D. Your tongue may lose the function of taste.

3.What does the author mean by the underlined sentence in Paragraph 2?

A. Our tongues can't be dried while eating something.

B. If your tongue is dried without any saliva on it, it will not work.

C. A tissue paper is the only thing that can be used to dry our tongues.

D. If your tongue is dried with a tissue paper, it may work as well as before.

4.What makes each person different from anyone else except twins

A. The number of sensory organs.

B. The sensitivity of sensory organs.

C. The particular smell of a person.

D. The style of one's behavior.

5.What is the text mainly about

A. The functions of sensory organs.

B. The connectivity of sensory organs.

C. A newborn's senses of the sensory organs.

D. The differences of senses between women and men.


??? It was the summer of 2014 when I was asked whether I wanted to go to Malibu (an island in Canada) with my church to serve the military families. At first, I heard this and thought, "You are asking an eleven-year-old in his last weeks of summer if he wants to go on a trip with his mom to Canada to serve other people? " Of course, I responded with a kind refusal, but my mom found a way to convince me to go.

When we were on the ferry to the island, a thousand thoughts were running through my head, such as "What am I going to do here?" "Am I even going to be useful?" and "Why am I even here?" When we got to the island, I was assigned to the child care. I was actually somewhat excited because my friend said he would help me. The first time I met the kids, I got to know them pretty well. They were all between the ages of four and six. Some of them stayed behaved and a few of them started acting crazy and would even hit and push the other kids.

With those kids, I was very strict, but I still tried to be positive and maintain a smile. After all, they were just innocent kids. In most of the time, I needed to help them with things like laundry and setting tables. Even though it sounded dull, I enjoyed every second of it. One of the things I did in my free time was to play pool. I befriended a few kids there. They were really easy to talk to. Some of the things we talked about were sports, food, video games, and most of all pool.

Even though I was only at Malibu, Canada for one week, I feel like I made spiritual changes in some people's life. You don't have to go above and beyond to make a difference in someone's life. In the end, it all comes down to what way you changed them. It could have been in a spiritual way or a mental way as long as you had a positive effect. So go out and try to make a difference in this world.

1.How did the author react when asked if he liked to serve the military families?

A. He hardly believed it.

B. He was very confused about the decision.

C. He rejected the offer.

D. He was hesitant about the trip.

2.How did the author feel when he was on the way to Malibu?

A. He was eager for the coming challenge.

B. He enjoyed every second.

C. He felt somewhat excited.

D. He was actually unwilling.

3.As a volunteer, the author's main task on the island was.

A. to attend to kids there

B. to educate kids there

C. to befriend kids there

D. to share his experiences with kids there

4.What can we know about the author's stay in Malibu?

A. He found the kids very hard to deal with.

B. He didn't quite like the badly-behaved kids.

C. He managed to get along with most kids.

D. He shared common hobbies with some kids.

5.What does the author mainly tell us in the last paragraph?

A. The benefits of taking the trip.

B. His spiritual changes in Malibu.

C. What he has learnt from the experience.

D. What to do to make a greater difference.


??? Do you want to go out to eat with your kidsHere are some restaurants that are good for kids in downtown Los Angeles.

Grand Café


Do you need a place that opens as early as your kids wake upThen go to Grand Cafe. Families can order breakfast off the menu or enjoy the buffet. Because of the varietybuffets seem to be an easy option for families with picky eaters. There are many options for the different moods of all family members.

Nickel Diner


Nickel Diner was listed in Los Angeles Magazine as one of" LA's Best New Restaurants”. The space is smallbut the menu is wonderfully large. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxedwhich makes it easy to bring the kids. One of the most attractive things about Nickel Diner is its unique menu of breakfast foods.

Lucky Strike Bowl


There's nothing like a good game of bowling to add some happiness to the family outing. Why not take the family to a place where you can bowl while eating? Try their homemade Belgium fries, the mini burgers, flatbread pizza, or crispy tacos. Downtown La's Lucky Strike Bowl will never make you and your kids disappointed.



Kula is an exciting sushi bar and is a big hit for little sushi eaters. Kula's concept includes providing "a high standard of natural organic foods" and they use 100% organic rice. If your child is not a sushi eater, there are also many other options.

1.Who would most probably go to eat at Grand Cafe?

A. People who love organic foods.

B. People who want to play while eating.

C. People who want to serve themselves in a restaurant.

D. People who love a quiet eating environment.

2.Why is Nickel Diner a good place to bring kids?

A. Because it offers a lot of options.

B. Because its atmosphere is suitable for kids.

C. Because it opens as early as kids wake up.

D. Because it serves special sandwiches

3.Which of the following aspects of Kula is most attractive to eaters?

A. It offers very healthy foods.

B. It has many other options.

C. It offers different kinds of rice.

D. It allows kids to run around.

4.If you want to play while eating, which number would you call. to reserve a place?

A. (213)356-4155

B. (213)290-9631

C. (213)623-8301

D. (213)542-4880

5.What is the text meant to?

A. To recommend some kid-friendly restaurants.

B. To recommend some nice foods in the city.

C. To encourage people to go to Los Angeles.

D. To compare some kid-friendly restaurants.


??? The story of how I got my new joband came to be on such good terms with my boss is a funny one. It happened like this. I was cycling along a street on my way to the __________ A yellow car passed me and suddenly _________ right in front of meas there was another car coming in the other direction. I had to brake hard and I hit another??? ______ We both fellbut fortunately ___________of us was hurt. I was extremely angry! I saw that a little further up the road the traffic lights had turned red. I cycled as fast as I could and saw that the driver in the yellow car was _________at the red light. 1 was still so angry that I went up to tell him what I________ him. I cycled in front of him, got off my bicycle and laid it down on the road in front of his car _________ he couldn't drive off. Then I told him what a bad driver I thought he was. I told him that he had knocked two people off their bicycles and had nearly __________ a bad accident. I told him that he was a __________to other people on the road. I went on shouting at him ___________ everyone was looking at him. His face became red. When the light turned green, I said to him," "Don't be so stupid __________ Drive carefully so that everyone can enjoy a long time. "Then I?? ______ my bicycle and rode on.

Fortunately, I was on time for the interview. It was an important job, and I wanted the job very much. I walked ___the room where three people were waiting to interview me. There was a woman who was the boss of the office in which I wanted to work. There was a man with whom I would have to work together and finally the manager of the company -the _________of the yellow car! We looked at each other for a moment in great surprise and total _______What should I do now? I decided to look on the whole matter as a great joke!

I laughed and said," Yes, we' ve already met, haven't we? I remember that the last time we met I did_________of the talking, so perhaps I should let you do the talking this time. "

For a moment I saw him thinking. Then he realized that I was not going to say __________ about his bad driving. The interview went very well. I told the company about my work experience and answered their questions as well as I could. Two days later I received a letter____________ me the job. I was pleased that the manger had decided not to be angry with me for having been so _________Now I ________ about it and say to everyone that I dare tell my manager exactly what I think of him.

1.A. company B. ceremony C. interview D. anniversary

2.A. cut in B. cut off C. cut down D. cut through

3.A. car B. cyclist C. driver D. tree

4.A. both B. either C. neither D. one

5.A. driving B. waiting C. apologizing D. denying

6.A. talked about B. insisted on C. ran after D. thought of

7.A. so that B. even though C. in case D. on account

8.A. met B. missed C. caused D. killed

9.A. manager?????? · B. expert C. partner D. danger

10.A. because B. while C. but D. if

11.A. in the future B. all your life C. in the car D. in front of me

12.A. made up B. came up C. gave up D. picked up

13.A. around B. into C. across D. away

14.A. owner B. buyer C. passenger D. driver

15.A. anger B. forgiveness C. silence D. appreciation

16.A. most B. least C. best D. worst

17.A. anything B. nothing C. something D. everything

18.A. offering B. helping C. forcing D. donating

19.A. considerate B. patient C. rude D. forgetful

20.A. make promises B. learn lessons C. tell truths D. make jokes


But for your help, I __________ the work on time. I really do not know how I can thank you enough.

A. wouldn't finish B. hadn't finished

C. wouldn't have finished D. won't have finished


The mother goes mad every time she washes the T-shirt__________ her son wipes his dirty hands.

A. that B. where

C. which D. when


---He was satisfied with the result, wasn't he?

---No. It was so difficult that he __________have passed it.

A. shouldn't B. mustn't

C. couldn' t D. wouldn't


We should organize useful activities, which will ___________ the relationship of the students.

A. appoint B. employ

C. promote D. commit


Working hard is not a __________ of great success, but it is among the essential requirements.

A. sign B. signal

C. guarantee D. mark


It was only after a family related conversation ______________ I found out she was actually my distant cousin.

A. when B. that

C. which D. who


She did not feel a bit nervous though it was the first time she ___________ in public.

A. spoke B. have spoken

C. had spoken D. were speaking


Father made a promise______________ I did well in the entrance exam, he would take me to Hong Kong in the summer vacation.

A. if that B. if

C. that if D. that


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