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假如你是李华,想邀请外教John 一起观看5月14日在厦门嘉庚剧院(Tan Ka...

假如你是李华,想邀请外教John 一起观看514日在厦门嘉庚剧院(Tan Kah Kee theatre)上演的中国民族歌剧经典选段(Chinese Opera Excerpts)音乐会。请给他写封邮件,内容包括:

1. 音乐会时间、地点

2. 音乐会内容

注意:1.词数100左右? 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。



Dear John,

??? As a student who admires you, I am writing this letter to invite you to go to a concert on Chinese Opera Excerpts.

This concert will be held in Tan Kah Kee theatre on 14th May. The Opera Excerpts at this concert are all not only well-known in China but also meaningful and full of philosophy. Opera is a comprehensive acting act. It blends the acting methods of singing, reading, fighting, and dancing to tell stories and descirbe characters. This activity is of great importance, through which you can know more about Chinese culture and make lots of Chinese friends.

It’s very kind of you to read my letter. I will be grateful if you take my invitation seriously. I am looking forward to your reply.

??????????? Yours sincerely,

Li Hua





3步:确定关键词(组)。 go to a concert on…关于的音乐会”,“will be held in…在哪里举行”,“meaningful and full of philosophy有意义且充满哲理”,“a comprehensive acting act综合的表演艺术”,“know more about Chinese culture了解更多的中国文化”等。


5步: 连句成文,注意使用恰当的连词进行句子之间的衔接与过渡,书写一定要规范清晰,保持整洁美观的卷面是非常重要的。







Flying a kite with my father is the most happiest memory in my childhood. I remember the day that I was running alongside my Father. He held the kite string, waiting the kite to catch the wind. He slowed, handed me the string, and teach me how to hold it. “Don’t let go! Keep going!” he shouted. I kept running, out of breaths. Over and over I tried but failed. She told me not to give up. Eventually, I ran too fast that I made the kite fly highly in the air. Filling with excitement, I watched a kite dancing in the sky.




China has been selected to host the World Skills Competition in Shanghai in 2021, an event it hopes to us for building a stronger team of skilled workers nationwide and to improve international 1.(exchange) in technical skills. Hosting the event will help guide the whole society 2.(respect) the spirit of skilled workmanship. It will also help create 3. social atmosphere of respecting labor and admiring skill. China has 165 million skilled workers, including 47.9 million who are classed as highly skilled. They were first classified by the government in 2003. They 4.(include) as one of the major State-level talent groups along with theoretical scientists in 2015, 5.(mark) a significant rise in their social status.

China’s 6.(early) modern skills training can date back to the Qing Dynasty. It was in 1866 7. the Foochow Shipbuilding Institution in Fujian province was established. In 1978, the adoption of the reform ad opening-up policy highlighted a shortage of 8.(talent) technicians. As a result, the number of students at technical institutes rose sharply. More recently, technical education 9.(receive) greater support from the central government to help shape the nation’s producing power. Every year, more than 100 million people have access 10. technical education and training.



??? My wife and I parked at a trailhead (小道起点) the same time as a young man. He was covered in tattoos (纹身) and cars. I _______ he was a bad person,so we _________to distance ourselves from him. But he _______hard to catch up and wanted to talk some. We slowed down. He said he was _______ a bad time in his life. We _______ left him in the dust, heading up the river. A(n) _______later we had to turn back _______a flash flood had taken out the trail bridge.

There he was again, laboring up the trail. He also turned to _______us back. He shared a little more of his _______. In a car accident he ________ his mother and sister ans was ________ and permanently injured too. We walked slowly for the whole way back to the trailhead.

He pulled up his shirt to ________ his tattoo. It was two angels in a(n) ________ light signaling to him. He pointed... “This is my sister and this is my mom. They told me to stop ________everything and drinking heavily. They loved me and wanted me to live in love too! ”

He ________explained that the brilliantly colored tattoo was the exact vision (幻象) he had that day. He stopped drinking and started to ________people more and live a good life. My ________ melted away. It had painted a wrong picture of this wonderful ________ with a beautiful message. We had dinner together around a ________ campfire that wasn’t even lit. He stayed the night in our camper and we parted the next day.

I learned more than he ________to tell... May it also warm your heart.

1.A. assumed B. promised C. found D. admitted

2.A. failed B. tried C. refused D. pretended

3.A. thought B. practised C. cried D. struggled

4.A. recovering from B. going through C. putting up with D. looking back on

5.A. gladly B. unwillingly C. politely D. cruelly

6.A. month B. week C. day D. hour

7.A. after B. because C. before D. though

8.A. follow B. guide C. hold D. pull

9.A. glory B. burden C. story D. wine

10.A. examined B. hurt C. saved D. lost

11.A. mentally B. slightly C. terribly D. bravely

12.A. scratch B. show C. get D. remove

13.A. brilliant B. pale C. artificial D. dark

14.A. remembering B. forgiving C. hating D. experiencing

15.A. excitedly B. impatiently C. seriouly D. calmly

16.A. respect B. love C. blame D. pity

17.A. sympathy B. anger C. pride D. prejudice

18.A. night B. birdge C. person D. world

19.A. burning B. warm C. cold D. dying

20.A. hesitated B. agreed C. forgot D. hoped



??? I don’t believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) could replace my teaching career. I have always been interested in human connection, and the ways in which I can use these connections to inspire change and make a difference. 1., there are other ways where AI could make a more efficient and effective difference than I could on my own.

My teaching experiences over the past several years have been creative and inspiring. I believe that the job of educators extends beyond simply teaching students a set curriculum. 2., they must constantly reflect on ways to better their teaching, and they must inspire their students to be the best versions of themselves. And now with the help AI, they could achieve these goals much easier.

3.. First, AI can be used to promote fundamental skills, such as mathematical education and vocabulary lessons. Additionally, I see AI being used for such necessary tasks as answering questions and grading assignments. Thus I could focus my attention to establishing human connection, individualizing lesson plans and inspiring my students.

4.. I believe AI could provide a strong basis for educational equality around the world. According to Todd Leopold, close to 800 million people worldwide are functionally illiterate (不识字的). Due to its ability to efficiently pass knowledge across large groups of people fewer teachers may be needed in some schools. 5..

A. Since students will always need a human teacher

B. The benefit AI brings is far beyond my own classroom

C. I think AI is a powerful assistant to my future classroom

D. The need for students to learn how to use AI will also grow

E. Although human connection may never be able to be fully replaced by AI

F. This could be an opportunity for students everywhere to receive equal education

G. They must observe and get to know their students in order to individualize educational plans



??? Running late after several wrong turns, I made a final, desperate attempt to locate Elliott's home. Down a dirt path, past a group of geese, there it was: the two-acre property, on which Elliott grows nearly all the food she feeds her family. The Elliotts' three-bedrooms house was among a chicken cage, a pigpen, a rabbit hutch, and three gardens, the sum total of which Elliott refers to as her “homestead()”— a nod to the back-to-basics movement that inspired her lifestyle.

Elliott "homesteads" because modern technology “has rid people of their purpose”. In hopes of? “drawing on and learning things of the past,” she has for eight years rejects an increasing number of modern conveniences. She lives a life like the 19th-century homesteaders. Unlike the pioneers, however, she enthusiastically broadcasts her life to an audience of Instagram followers, book buyers, and 100,000 monthly readers of her blog. Elliott belongs to a growing network of? bloggers who have fueled the growing homesteading movement, which encourages self-reliance through the employment of traditional skills. Broadcasting on the net while trying to escape technology’s uncontrolled pace may seem incongruous, but Elliott insists that social media provide advice and moral support, which are lacking in the remote areas where many homesteaders settle.

Elliott’s day passes in a series of chores: weeding, cleaning up after the chickens, feeding the pigs, weeding again... She rejects the idea that success should involve anything more that maintaining a home. “We live in a culture where everything needs to be epic (宏大的) and awesome... Living a very average life? That’s seen as you not living up to your potential. And I really fight against that. I think the everyday is the point of our life,” she said. “It’s okay to be in the kitchen working with a baby on your back. That isn’t a step backward; it is an intentional thing”.

1.What do we know about Elliott’s “homestead”?

A. Noisy. B. Dirty. C. Difficult to find. D. Hard to maintain.

2.What influence does the Internet have on homesteading?

A. It reduces homesteaders’ everything.

B. It connects homesteading farms.

C. It helps promote homesteading.

D. It disturbs homesteader’s life.

3.What does the underlined word “incongruous” in paragraph 2 probably mean?

A. Strange B. Ambitious C. Natural D. Impossible

4.What will Elliott probably agree with?

A. Keep off the outside world B. Stay with your family

C. Wish for something epic D. Lead your own life



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