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How will the speakers go to Zhongshan Ro...

How will the speakers go to Zhongshan Road?

A. By car. B. By bus. C. By subway.


C 【解析】 此为听力题,解析略 ?

When will the man leave for Perth?

A. On May 24th. B. On May 26th. C. On May 27th.




1.发出邀请; 2.活动安排:体验包粽子、参加龙舟赛、品尝传统中国菜; 3.期待回复。

注意: 1.同数100左右;? 2.可以适当增加细节.以使行文连贯。










The new school year is around corner, so I need to buy something to my children and myself. Therefore, yesterday's afternoon I took them to a shoe store to buying some new shoes. My youngest kids wanted a pair of sports shoes and thus we bought one pair. My older son needed a pair of casual shoes for school. and we were found some on sale. The first pair which he tried on was a little small. so he put on other pair. and they fitted him perfectly. My daughter wanted beauty dress shoes and she got some high heels. I myself bought some boots because my old ones were wearing out.




Stand in line at any grocery store or sit in any hospital waiting room, and you see people staring at their phones, probably catching up on news or just relieving their boredom. This seems harmless enough. But could being on our phones affect our1.(able) to connect with the people around us?2.new study aimed to answer that question.

Researcher Kostadin Kushlev and his colleagues asked pairs of college students3.were strangers to each other4.(come) into a small lab waiting room-either with or without their phones. They were told that the researchers were running a bit late and they needed to wait. While waiting, their faces were5.(secret) videotaped. Afterwards, the students6.(report) how they felt and how much they interacted(互动)with the other participants.

The researchers studied videotapes of the faces of airs who interacted7.(measure) how often they smiled. The8.(result)?People with phones exhibited fewer smiles overall. They spent 30% less of the time smiling9.people without phones, signaling less interest in connecting with others. What's more, thirty-two participants with phones didn't interact at all in the waiting room. These findings show that using phones in public 10.(affect) one's interaction with others. Consequently. cell phones should be used wisely.



??? A few years ago my wife and I took a trip to Costa Rica. Upon arrival we____a car and headed out to our first destination which was a few hours away. I had a____so I figured I'd be in great condition. About 20 minutes into the drive I found myself practically____in the unmarked streets and dirty roads. Upset. I turned to Siri, a virtual(虚拟的) assistant in my phone, for help.

I typed the____ to our destination in my phone and instantly Siri had ____ the best route(路线)to get there and we were on our way.

The only____was that things didn't always go the way I thought they would. With the streets not being well _____I would sometimes miss a turn and head in the ____direction. Luckily, Siri never got____with me. Any time I missed a turn Siri would simply ____and say, "Recalculating route. ____ route.And within a few seconds, Siri would have a new route____to get us to our destination.

Sometimes the new route meant I had to____ to the right turn and sometimes she found a different route that took my new location into ____ .Eventually we made it to our hotel ____and enjoyed some beautiful scenery along the way.

Most people make the ____of thinking that success and happiness come from someone setting a goal and then ____ straight towards it. The____ is that there is no straight path to success. There isn't even the____ path. There are many paths that can get you to your goals. You just have to be____to recalculate your route when you miss a turn or there is something in your way.

1.A. produced B. repaired C. rented D. purchased

2.A. car B. phone C. compass D. map

3.A. absorbed B. lost C. experienced D. free

4.A. address B. approach C. receipt D. schedule

5.A. polished B. discovered C. opened D. managed

6.A. fear B. difference C. sympathy D. problem

7.A. marked B. paved C. arranged D. expanded

8.A. illegal B. new C. wrong D. potential

9.A. generous B. mad C. concerned D. cautious

10.A. break down B. cut in C. get up D. go away

11.A. Abandoning B. Cancelling C. Reaching D. Changing

12.A. checked B. updated C. adjusted D. planned

13.A. point B. lead C. return D. apply

14.A. order B. direction C. account D. place

15.A. safely B. frequently C. hungrily D. gradually

16.A. mistake B. excuse C. accident D. trouble

17.A. accumulating B. withdrawing C. marching D. fleeing

18.A. answer B. truth C. condition D. privilege

19.A. first B. suitable C. accurate D. only

20.A. willing B. proud C. anxious D. ambitious



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