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1.发出邀请; 2.活动安排:体验包粽子、参加龙舟赛、品尝传统中国菜; 3.期待回复。

注意: 1.同数100左右;? 2.可以适当增加细节.以使行文连贯。



Dear Mr. Smith,

I'm writing to invite you on behalf of my parents to my home to celebrate the Dragon Bout Festival with my family.

To offer you a chance to experience the atmosphere of the festival, various activities will be arranged for your arrival. First of all. My mother will teach you how to make nice dumplings. Then, you can join us in the dragon boat race to he held on the river not far from my village. After that, you're welcome to enjoy the lunch time with us, when you can have a taste of the various traditional Chinese dishes prepared by my parents.

Are you satisfied with our arrangements? Looking forward to your early reply!

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua



1步:根据提示可知,本文要求写一封电子邮件:假定你是李华,你的父母让你邀请外教Smith到你家过端午节,请你就此事给他写一封电子邮件,内容包括:1.发出邀请; 2.活动安排:体验包粽子、参加龙舟赛、品尝传统中国菜; 3.期待回复。时态应为一般现在时。

2步:根据写作要求,确定关键词(组),如;Dragon Bout Festival (端午节),celebrate(庆祝),invite(庆祝),activity(活动), arrange(安排),arrival(到来),various(各种各样的),atmosphere (气氛),traditional(传统的),Chinese dishes(中国菜)及reply(回复)等。











The new school year is around corner, so I need to buy something to my children and myself. Therefore, yesterday's afternoon I took them to a shoe store to buying some new shoes. My youngest kids wanted a pair of sports shoes and thus we bought one pair. My older son needed a pair of casual shoes for school. and we were found some on sale. The first pair which he tried on was a little small. so he put on other pair. and they fitted him perfectly. My daughter wanted beauty dress shoes and she got some high heels. I myself bought some boots because my old ones were wearing out.




Stand in line at any grocery store or sit in any hospital waiting room, and you see people staring at their phones, probably catching up on news or just relieving their boredom. This seems harmless enough. But could being on our phones affect our1.(able) to connect with the people around us?2.new study aimed to answer that question.

Researcher Kostadin Kushlev and his colleagues asked pairs of college students3.were strangers to each other4.(come) into a small lab waiting room-either with or without their phones. They were told that the researchers were running a bit late and they needed to wait. While waiting, their faces were5.(secret) videotaped. Afterwards, the students6.(report) how they felt and how much they interacted(互动)with the other participants.

The researchers studied videotapes of the faces of airs who interacted7.(measure) how often they smiled. The8.(result)?People with phones exhibited fewer smiles overall. They spent 30% less of the time smiling9.people without phones, signaling less interest in connecting with others. What's more, thirty-two participants with phones didn't interact at all in the waiting room. These findings show that using phones in public 10.(affect) one's interaction with others. Consequently. cell phones should be used wisely.



??? A few years ago my wife and I took a trip to Costa Rica. Upon arrival we____a car and headed out to our first destination which was a few hours away. I had a____so I figured I'd be in great condition. About 20 minutes into the drive I found myself practically____in the unmarked streets and dirty roads. Upset. I turned to Siri, a virtual(虚拟的) assistant in my phone, for help.

I typed the____ to our destination in my phone and instantly Siri had ____ the best route(路线)to get there and we were on our way.

The only____was that things didn't always go the way I thought they would. With the streets not being well _____I would sometimes miss a turn and head in the ____direction. Luckily, Siri never got____with me. Any time I missed a turn Siri would simply ____and say, "Recalculating route. ____ route.And within a few seconds, Siri would have a new route____to get us to our destination.

Sometimes the new route meant I had to____ to the right turn and sometimes she found a different route that took my new location into ____ .Eventually we made it to our hotel ____and enjoyed some beautiful scenery along the way.

Most people make the ____of thinking that success and happiness come from someone setting a goal and then ____ straight towards it. The____ is that there is no straight path to success. There isn't even the____ path. There are many paths that can get you to your goals. You just have to be____to recalculate your route when you miss a turn or there is something in your way.

1.A. produced B. repaired C. rented D. purchased

2.A. car B. phone C. compass D. map

3.A. absorbed B. lost C. experienced D. free

4.A. address B. approach C. receipt D. schedule

5.A. polished B. discovered C. opened D. managed

6.A. fear B. difference C. sympathy D. problem

7.A. marked B. paved C. arranged D. expanded

8.A. illegal B. new C. wrong D. potential

9.A. generous B. mad C. concerned D. cautious

10.A. break down B. cut in C. get up D. go away

11.A. Abandoning B. Cancelling C. Reaching D. Changing

12.A. checked B. updated C. adjusted D. planned

13.A. point B. lead C. return D. apply

14.A. order B. direction C. account D. place

15.A. safely B. frequently C. hungrily D. gradually

16.A. mistake B. excuse C. accident D. trouble

17.A. accumulating B. withdrawing C. marching D. fleeing

18.A. answer B. truth C. condition D. privilege

19.A. first B. suitable C. accurate D. only

20.A. willing B. proud C. anxious D. ambitious



??? Nature soothes(抚慰)our stressed-out souls.? We know that nature is the best prescription, and new research suggests we can gain benefits while visiting parks.

1.The study published in the International Journal of Environmental Health Research found that spending 20 minutes in a city park can make you happier, regardless of whether you use that time to exercise or not.

"In general,we found park visitors reported an improvement in emotional well-being(幸福感)after the park visit.the study's lead author and University of Alabama at Birmingham professor Hon K. Yuen said in a statement.2.Instead, we found time spent in the park is related to improved emotional well-being.”

For the study, 94 adults visited three city parks in Mountain Brook, Alabama, completing a questionnaire about their subjective well-being before and after their visit. 3. A visit of between 20 and 25 minutes showed the best results, with a roughly 64% increase in the participants' self-reported well-being, even if they didn't move a great deal in the park. 4.

The study group was truly small. as the study's co-author and another UAB professor, Gavin Jenkins, acknowledges. 5.The challenge facing cities is that there is increasing evidence about the value of city parks but we continue to see the decrease of these spaces.

A. Something was used to track their physical activity.

B. You usually visit a small green space in your neighborhood.

C. However, its findings pointed out the importance of city parks.

D. If you want to feel happier, you just need to exercise for 20 minutes in a park.

E. The best part is that you needn't visit a national park or go far out of your way.

F. This means people can benefit from visiting a nearby park, regardless of physical ability.

G. But we didn't find levels of physical activity are linked to improved emotional well-being.



??? Picture an iceberg(冰山).You'll probably imagine something white as snow rising up out of a blue sea. But icebergs can be all sorts of shades. They can be from a frosty blue to an attractive green.

Researchers and sailors have observed emerald(翠绿色)icebergs for years. A large piece of ice "mast-high" and "green as emerald" even appears in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 1834 poem. But they haven't found out exactly why these icebergs look the way they do.

A new paper led by Stephen Warren was published. It all has to do with what icebergs are made out of. Icebergs break off glaciers(冰川)or ice shelves, which happens mainly around Antarctica and Greenland. They begin their lives as snowfall that accumulates over time. So. icebergs contain air pockets with the form of bubbles that spread light. With some exceptions and rare lines, glacier ice tends to look bluish white.

At firstWarren guessed that the green was a product of melt carbon. And it came from rotting plants or sea animals. But samples(样本)didn't prove it. Another idea started to take shape after they had found a high concentration of iron in a sample of sea ice from the Amery Ice Shelf.

When glaciers rub across land, they produce what's known as glacier flour. It is a product of bedrock being ground clown by the moving mass. As glaciers move away, these remains are usually washed out into water. in particles sometimes too small to be noticeable to your eyes. But on land. soil and rocks contain iron oxides that often have rosy colors. like reds, yellows, and browns-and since the sea ice contained 500 times more iron than the glacier ice, Warren wondered whether the remains were responsible for icebergs taking on a green appearance.

He doesn't know for sure. He's hoping to secure money so that he can return to the area and study the icebergs themselves.

1.Why is Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem mentioned in the text?

A. It tells why icebergs look the way they do.

B. It describes vividly what icebergs are like.

C. It says causes of the appearance of icebergs.

D. It proves the existence of colorful icebergs.

2.What can we know about Stephen Warren's paper?

A. It draws on researchers' and sailors' views.

B. It is the record of the movement of icebergs.

C. It talks about how icebergs come into being.

D. It is a collection of various social phenomena.

3.What does the underlined word "it" in paragraph 4 refer to?

A. A sample of sea ice. B. Warren's first guess.

C. Warren's idea on iron. D. A product of melt carbon.

4.What is paragraph 5 mainly about?

A. The possible reason why icebergs look green.

B. Where most of icebergs eventually disappear.

C. How icebergs take in the colors from glaciers.

D. The way in which icebergs breaks off glaciers.



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