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What are the speakers mainly talking abo...

What are the speakers mainly talking about?

A. Plants. B. Animals. C. Rainforests.


C 【解析】 M: Most of the world's rainforests are in danger. They are disappearing at a high rate! W: Yeah. Many plants and animals exist only in rainforests. 此题为听力题,解析略。 ?

Who is washing the windows?

A. The man. B. A cleaner. C. The woman.










Dear Alex,



Li Hua









It’s true that everyone want to be in good health. I’m very glad to give you some advices on how to keep healthy.

First of all, we need to keep a healthy and balance diet. Various kinds of food can provide us for different nutrients which our body needs. Secondly, we should also take exercise regular. As the saying goes, life lies of movement. Thirdly, we ought to get enough rest and sleep. Have you hear that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise? Last but not least, we’d better to keep a healthy mind. That is to say, we should look at everything in a positive way. Don’t forget to laugh much and cry less. You know, laughter is best medicine.




Have you ever heard the term “dark ride” and wondered? 1.? it meant? How about “flat ride”? Let’s explore some of the more common 2.(type) of rides.

A “dark ride” is an industry term for any amusement park or theme park ride that uses vehicles to send passengers into an indoor environment and through 3. series of scenes. Ride vehicles take many forms 4.(include) cars on a track, trackless vehicles and boats 5. float in a channel of water. Some dark rides attempt to tell a story, while others are just a collection of interesting scenes.

A “flat ride” refers to attractions at amusement parks, carnivals, fairs and theme parks that typically spin around.

They 6.(usual) include a circular platform and are placed on the ground. The term is used to refer to a large number of rides. 7.(depend) on their speed and other features, they may or may not be considered thrill rides. Generally, “kiddie rides” 8.(intend)for young riders. More thrilling flat rides that include high speeds in the amusement industry are called “spin-and-spew,” “spin-and-puke,” or “whirl-and hurl” rides.

A “motion simulator ride” uses seats that move with point-of-view media projected onto a screen 9.(provide)viewers with the illusion(错觉)that they are moving and physically taking part in the action. Most motion simulator rides are presented in theaters of various sizes. Although viewers never move more than a few inches in any 10.(direct), they can feel as if they are speeding wildly and free-falling etc.



??? Two years ago, something happened that changed me and changed how I lived in my neighborhood. In two days, I lost all of the things that were very ______ to me. My job as a senior writer for a national magazine came to a(n)______ and a relationship with a man that I loved ended ______. Suddenly, everything had changed. My ______ sank and I felt a terrible sadness. I wondered how or ______ I would be able to ______ myself out. The losses I ______ made me lose confidence and made me delicate, ______ as a result I began to connect more ______ with my neighbors and the world around me. I learned that the woman from El Salvador had ________ from her country with two young daughters after her husband had been murdered. She cleaned houses to make ends ______ and send her daughters to college.? I learned that? ______? my neighbors came to LosAngeles 15 years ago, they did not ______ English and the father cleaned offices ______ $ 8 an hour. Later, he drove delivery trucks. Today he owns three apartment buildings and has made more money than I ______ ever will in my lifetime.

Now, many of my neighbors are my ______. At Christmas, I give them red wine and cake, and ______ they give me potted flowers. When my car wouldn’t start a few months ago. and it looked like it would have to be towed(拖走)away, another ______ from Guatemala, a sweet man named Angel, quickly ______ out his tools and got the car ______. I discover how extraordinary they are. They were hard-working, honorable people who, like me, are just looking forward to living well and experiencing some happiness.

1.A. worthless B. attractive C. important D. pleasant

2.A. end B. beginning C. conclusion D. crossing

3.A. badly B. sadly C. successfully D. happily

4.A. mind B. temper C. confidence D. heart

5.A. if B. that C. which D. what

6.A. turn B. pull C. take D. set

7.A. accepted B. gained C. experienced D. experimented

8.A. and B. or C. but D. so

9.A. perfectly B. fully C. luckily D. kindly

10.A. escaped B. flew C. left D. avoided

11.A. see B. join C. get D. meet

12.A. before B. while C. unless D. when

13.A. say B. speak C. tell D. practice

14.A. for B. in C. on D. about

15.A. simply B. easily C. probably D. specially

16.A. relatives B. friends C. guests D. hosts

17.A. in turn B. in order C. in return D. in general

18.A. friend B. visitor C. passer-by D. neighbor

19.A. pointed B. handed C. stood D. brought

20.A. started B. changed C. checked D. examined



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